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Thank You for the song you have given me..

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Forgiveness Means Freedom from Keeping Accounts

I hold myself ready to say, “I forgive you” if the time ever comes; but in the meantime, I refuse to harbor anger, bitterness, or resentment.


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Pam Farrel - Connecting Love & Wisdom

"We get to do what we love , with the one we love, talking about the author of love,” says speaker, author, relationship specialist and JBU Advisory Board member Pam Farrel. Join us as Pam shares her passion and joy for the ministry God has given her and husband Bill.

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Beautiful Brokenness

Looking at Adriana from the outside, you would never imagine that she has suffered a lifetime of physical limitations and pain. It isn’t until you see her walking with a slight limp with the aid of a cane that you realize that not everything in Adriana’s life has been beautiful.
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