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We take the privilege of worship far too lightly.

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When Trials Touch Those We Love

Remember that Satan operates solely under the sovereign power of a God who will permit him only limited freedom. Peace has grown out of the conviction that when, not if trouble comes, God will Himself be all that we need in order to cope.


Women Like Us

Pam MacRae - Just Say Yes

Pam MacRae, Moody Bible Institute professor and JBU advisory board member, never planned on being a professor. In fact, she refused the offer several times before relenting. However, teaching one adjunct class eventually led to teaching full time and led to the development of a Ministry to Women program at Moody Bible Institute. "Just say yes to everything God has for you and you never know what will happen."


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Between My Feet

Often times, we don’t have the opportunity to share the whole message of the hope that God offers us. But, like a fire, if we persevere enough to keep feeding the fire, the hope of Christ will shine brightly through us!
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