Daily Devotional a Power Walk

Daily Devotional - Are we walking in a way worthy of the name of Christ?

http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/WalkingwithChrist-R.jpgBy Jill Briscoe

I beseech you to have a walk worthy of the calling with which you were called. ~ Ephesians 4:1

When it was time for me to leave high school and go to college, the “vocational” teacher interviewed me to see if I had any idea of what I wanted to do with my life. “What vocation do you have in mind?” she asked me sternly. I went to a school that expected its graduates to pursue a vocation – no, not vacation – vocation! The idea of simply leaving to “get a job” was unthinkable. Since the vocational opportunities for girls in my day were somewhat limited to the teaching and nursing fields, I hastily said “teaching,” though to be honest the thought had never occurred to me till then! I had been taught that those privileged with higher knowledge are called to higher vocations! Certain behavior was expected of us – a worthy walk anticipated. I was left with no doubt that I had an obligation to live in a manner that would not besmirch the name of my school.

It is even more important for Christians who have “learned” Christ to live in a manner that does not besmirch the name of their Savior. This manner of living is described as a “walk.” It’s not a leap of faith, not one giant stride, but to quote my husband, “One simple, practical step after another. Certainly, as in ordinary walks, some steps will be greater than others, a few will be harder than others, and some will lead to higher ground than others. But the spiritual life is a walk.”

Are we walking in a way worthy of the name of Christ?

Lord, help me to examine my daily walk with You. Do I live in a way that attracts others to You? Do I try to find the way to walk in obedience, in Your will? Am I learning more of You each day from Your Word and prayer? Help me with the decisions of each day, one step after another. Amen

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