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Just Between Us (JBU) has been encouraging and equipping women for a life of faith for the last 25 years!

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 http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/volunteer-R.jpg "I just received my newest JBU! This issue was written for me, I'm convinced of it. God meant for this magazine with these articles to be placed in my hands today. I needed to read those, to read that another woman has been there and understands, and to read that God is perfect in His timing with no errors in His plan. THANK YOU for JBU! I needed it, right here, and right now." M.N.

 http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/JBUwoman4-R(1).jpg "I am a Christian speaker, author, humorist and a HUGE fan of your magazine!  JBU has clearly been used by God to equip and encourage women in the trenches of ministry and all areas of life."  ~ A.N. 
 http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/agingwithconfidence-R(1).jpg "...I love JBU! It is an integral source of guidance, growth, and encouragement through its timely articles and relevant issues. You care about women and I receive support in that!" P.A.