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We believe in partnership. Sending thousands of magazines around the world, managing a vibrant and growing website – those aren’t things we can do alone. God makes JBU’s nonprofit ministry possible through the generosity of donors. Each financial gift is really an investment in women’s hearts and souls.

When you support JBU with your resources, you're not just sending a donation – you’re making a statement about a vision you believe in. For JBU, that vision is being a resource, a safe place, and an encouragement. If that vision resonates with you, we invite you to join us in equipping women for a life of faith.

The cost of subscribing to JBU is intentionally kept well below our costs of making the magazine. Our goal is to keep JBU affordable and accessible, especially for women around the world who lack financial resources. For JBU, this translates to an ongoing need for financial support from donors, in order to continue producing and distributing valuable resources via the magazine and website.

One of the best parts of partnering with JBU is hearing stories of women whose lives have been touched – and knowing God has used you to help reach them. Karen, a reader in Maryland, told us “I am so grateful JBU is here at the same time that I’m here on earth in ministry. It’s like having a cheerleader and a trustworthy friend running the race with me and providing drinks of water along the way.”

Wendy in South America said, “Thank you for such an encouraging magazine! I live in a very remote jungle, and I treasure time with other women, even if it is only via the magazine. I am all alone out here. This is my lifeline.”

Your tax-deductible gift will not only support the production of the magazine and website, but will also serve to provide connection and refreshment to Karen, Wendy and thousands of others. Will you join JBU in encouraging and equipping women for a life of faith?

Thank you for being part of the JBU community – it is a blessing to connect with you!


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