Christian Devotions on Attitude

Your attitude should be the same as that of Jesus Christ. ~ Philippians 2:5

Enjoy these devotional lessons on Attitude!  Mouth Traps  
Do you have problems with tongue control?
Doing Things Done Before
Don't become weary in well-doing, keep on! Divine Permission
Nothing happens in our lives without divine permission.
Attitude Check
Letting God redeem your attitudes for His glory. Grieving God is a Grievous Thing
Have you ever said, "Lord, I give you my life", and then take it back?
Seeing Others as Christ Sees You
The Greek word for humble denotes "slavish," "mean," "ignoble."  It was only when Christ came that lowliness became a virtue.
Your Lifestyle Needs to be Different
If you are a new Christian, your lifestyle must be different.
Do You Struggle with Pride?
Do you struggle with pride when God uses you?

Are You Leaning on God?
To depend upon God even when the sun shines is a real test of maturity.

God's Wrecking Ball
Sometimes we need to be broken for the possibility of being built up again.

A Time to Be Grateful
Figuring out when it's time to keep or to let things go. Hating Sin
True love has rules, confronts, is disciplined and sticks to principles. Becoming Destiny Driven
Discovering God's purpose for your life. The Key To Usefulness
God wants us to find out how He made us and then He wants to accept it and embrace the unique work He planned especially for us.