Christian Devotions on Faith & Trust
Do not let your hearts be troubled.  Trust in God; trust also in me. ~ John 14:1

Enjoy these devotional lessons on Faith & Trust!
Ever-Present in Trouble:
God's grand ability to be there whenever and wherever I need Him. Surely:
God promises us His presence all of our days. Little Foxes:
God is watching and protecting you from those "little" sins that poison your relationship with Him. Trust Me:
You can trust God in ALL things. Jesus - The Eternal GPS:
Nobody who knows Christ ever gets lost - He is the way!
Impossible Situations:
Does your situation seem impossible today?
Dependence Upon God:
God uses the thorns in our lives to keep dependent on Him.
Abide in the Vine:
Want to live a life of significance?  Abide in the vine!
Keeping Your Eyes on Jesus
Can I walk over the waters of worries and fears?  Yes, if I keep my eye on him.
Who's Watching You?
Our faith, or last of it, always affects others.
He is Preparing a Better Place
Your troubles don't go unnoticed.  He cares!
Is Your Faith Lukewarm?
Having a passion for Christ. Everything Beautiful in His Time
Things may look like a mess now, but someday it will all make sense. Do You Feel Like a Prisoner?
Having faith that nothing happens in your life without God's divine permission.