Lessons from Jill Briscoe


"And he said to them, "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation." ~ Mark 16:15 (ESV)

Enjoy the following Lessons from Jill Briscoe!

http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/jillbriscoe3-R(1).jpg About Jill Briscoe
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/jillbriscoe2-R.jpg A Note from Jill
Jill Briscoe shares her heart for women in ministry. 
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/outsidechurchwalls-R.jpg Church Ministry - Outside the Church
The church isn't somewhere you go - as my husband loves to say - it's something you are!
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/letothershelp-R(1).jpg Is the Journey too Great for You?
When you are in crisis, let others nourish you.
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/flowersofthanks-R(1).jpg In Everything Giving Him Thanks
To God be the glory, great things He has done!
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/lettingchangechangeyou-R(1).jpg Letting Change Change You!
Change is a challenge, but it's also an opportunity to depend upon God.
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/spiritualexhuastion-R.jpg Are You Running on Empty?
Spiritual Exhaustion - I was running on empty.  My inner life had atrophied.  The joy had fled.
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/christianwoman-R.jpg Swift to Hear - Sure to Bless
Listening for God - God is present!
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/handlingdifficultrelationsh.jpg Loving the Difficult Person in Your Life
Difficult relationships - Can you imagine a world with no difficult people in it?  Go on, try!
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/helpfor-thehurting-R.jpg Don't Waste the Pain
While Jesus doesn't promise to save us from the pain, He surely promises to save us in the pain. 
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/fingerprints-R.jpg Prayer - Our Secret Weapon
Run to God and don't give up.  God's fingerprints are all over your life - and prayer puts them there!
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/superwoman-R.jpg Don't Need to be Superwoman
Maybe the things that are first today may not be first tomorrow or the next day, but all I need to worry about is today.
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/faithintoughtimes-R.jpg Faith for Tough Times
Have you ever had a time in your life when you couldn't face what the day would bring?  There is help.
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/findingGodswill-R.jpg Did I Miss God's Will?
God desires us to get His will right more than we do!  Discover six ways you can discern it.  
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/themarkofservanthood-R.jpg The Mark of Servanthood
When was the last time you did a practical act of service when all you wanted to do was stay home and go to bed early?
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/sasonsoflife-R.jpg Embracing Your Season of Life
Learning to see that every season of your life has something magnificently ordered by God for you to learn and do.
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/prayerpower-R.jpg Prayer Power
When your'e feeling forgotten or alone, don't forget that on any given day one or two people - or maybe even a great crowd - is lifting you up in prayer!
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/NextGenerationFaith-R.jpg Passing On The Faith
Today so many seniors feel marginalized by their churches.  Churches need the vital wisdom of their seniors especially as they shape the next generation.
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/stressedout-R.jpg Has Life Become Too Difficult?
If you take the time to notice, you'll discover the practical expressions of God's love and care for you in the midst of the stress.
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/TouchofGod-R.jpg God's Empowering Touch
Now more than ever we need the Holy Spirit in our lives and our running-on-empty world.  
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/Godwithus-R.jpg Are You Feeling Down in the Dumps?
Remember next time you're in despair that God is in charge.  God is well aware of your problems.
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/livinginGodswill-R.jpg Oh, I Never Expected This!
How do you cope when you know you are where you should be, but you hate being there?
 http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/holysubstitutes-R.jpg Beware of Holy Substitutes
It's so easy to be friends with Jesus' friends rather than friends with Jesus!
http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/pleasingGod.jpg Being All Things to All People
Are you trying to be all things to all people?  The only person we need to please is God?
 http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/singlemom-R.jpg Cultivating a Thankful Heart
Counting your blessings and cultivating a thankful heart is God's will for every believer.
 http://www.justbetweenus.org/uploads/bestfriends.jpg Finding a Heart Partner
We all need friends, especially as we serve Jesus.