Winning Over Weariness

Spiritual Weariness - A journey with Jesus is not an easy thing. Jill Briscoe

“Do not grow weary in doing good.” ~ 2 Thessalonians 3:13

Jesus was never too faint to fight for a soul, never too tired to talk with those who sought Him, never too weary to listen in love, and never too exhausted to walk the extra mile with a group of despised Samaritans.  But because He experienced our human infirmities, He knows how tiredness can weaken our bodies and understands what it is like to be on the edge of tears.  Aren’t you glad about that?  Jesus, having been weary Himself, is able to care when we are strung out from our daily struggles, wearied out with kingdom work.  Now Jesus rejoices in heaven over the sheep on earth returning to the fold, and He prays for strength for us to continue His work for Him.

Many a time as I tumble into bed, my preacher husband, weary himself, reaches over to welcome me with a kiss of comfort.  “Welcome home, little girl,” he says.  “I know you are weary in well doing, but doesn’t that feel sort of good?”  And you know, it really does!  A journey with Jesus is not an easy thing.  You won’t get to your destination without sand in your sandals and dirt in your hair, but you will have the incalculable joy of His company.  His abundant sympathy and His “Well done” at the end of the day will be worth it all.

Weary me, Lord, with work for the kingdom.

Use me to do Your marvelous will. 

Keep me productive and make me a blessing,

Your precious will to fulfill.


Lord, give me much work to do for Your kingdom, and the eyes to see all You have for me to do.  Remind me of the gifts You’ve given me, and show me how I can be a blessing by using them. When I feel overwhelmed, help me to rejoice in You and in the knowledge that I am an instrument being used to fulfill Your perfect plans.  Amen



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