Faith Topics - Learning from God

"Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance. " ~ Proverbs 1:5 Sit Your Soul Down and Listen
Find out how you can connect with God and hear His voice. He Speaks, She Listens
Priscilla Shirer talks about how listening to God has revolutionized her life and ministry. The Hidden Value of PH
Personal holiness begins with cleansing and purifying your heart daily. Learning from the Master
Understanding how Jesus influenced others can help us learn to do the same. 5 Ways to Win the Quiet Time Battle
It starts with being desperate for God. Why Be a Woman of the Word?
Discover the importance of making God's word central in your life. How to Use the Bible
Bible verses for all times in life. Becoming a Woman of the Word
If you want to be wise, know God's word. Learning from God
God can only take out of you, what you put in! Growing in Your Dance with the Lord
Let your soul's dance partner guide your steps to a deeper relationships with Him. Private Lessons with God
God will use the wilderness experiences in your life to build intimacy with Him.