Faith Topics - Life Lessons

"I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have preserved my life." ~ Psalm 119:88

  FINDING FAITH Trusting Through Trouble
God can bring good out of a bad situation.  Will it be your choice to trust Him? Smiling in the Darkness
What do you do when you find all your spiritual feelings are gone? Reaching for God's Goodness
I could feel the almost tangible presence of God. Flying Free
Nothing can happen to us outside God's permission and God's will. Delighting in God
God longs to interrupt our lives with holy moments. Are You Losing Sight of Jesus?
Avoid the trap of looking at the method instead of the Man. The Gift of the Present:  Living in the Now...No Matter What
The present is a gift to be enjoyed.  Bringing Faith Home
How one woman broke through her unbelief and doubt in the face of tragedy.  When You Doubt Your Faith
Have you ever doubted your faith, God’s plans, or His love for you? 
  FINDING HOPE A Walking Miracle
A ministry family experiences a remarkable recovery from a brian injury. When God Says "No"
When God's will clashes with ours. Dew From Heaven
God continues to use the lessons we learned to give us and others hope during turbulent times. Miracles Take Time
Don't lose hope.  Ask for your miracle, of course, then trust God for it according to His will and in His time. God Equips the Called
God reminds us that we are not alone, but empowered by the Holy Spirit. Journaling 101
The rewards of journaling. 
  FINDING JOY Are We Having Fun Yet?
Fun can be found in the most unexpected places. Try Some Holy Fun!
Have fun because God encourages it. A Sweep of Gratitude
Learning to be intentionally grateful. The Joy of the Lord
It's His joy that helps me relax and have pure fun! Have You Lost Your Joy?
If joy is Jesus, then it follows that the better you know Him the more joy you will experience. Finding Joy When Storms Get You Down
The storms had come, but I made the mistake of fixing my eyes on the torrid waters raging around me instead of fixing my eyes on Jesus. Just for the Fun of It!
Learning to take the guilt out of having fun. Where Has All The Laughter Gone?
Reclaiming the joy in your life. 
  FINDING PEACE Saying Goodbye to Guilt
Breaking free from false guilt. Carry My Mat
Letting Go of Pride - Finding blessings in allowing others to carry you to Jesus. Experiencing the Peace of God
Are you experiencing the peace of God today? I Almost Missed It!
True contentment is being able to say regardless of the circumstances that "I am happy right where God has me." You Never Run Out of God
We often come to the end of ourselves and run out of energy, strength, or ideas.  We wait for God to pour in something. Discovering Your God-Given Purpose
God has called us to listen for our calling. Have You Picked Up Your Towel?
Real servanthood requires us to serve others, to be at the disposal of others and to do so quickly, willingly and generously so that they might benefit and grow.