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Writer's Guidelines for Just Between Us Magazine

Our Purpose

Just Between Us is a quarterly magazine especially for encouraging and equipping women for a life of faith and who want to go deeper in their love and service to Christ—women who are leaders, Bible study leaders, Sunday school teachers, missionary wives, seminary students, leaders in parachurch organizations, and any woman, married or single, who wants practical, biblical encouragement, inspiration, and ministry resources. It ministers to the needs of women in ministry around the world. Our goal is to provide timely features, interviews, resources, and columns written by Christian women in serving roles around the world who have faced the same issues. The publication is uniquely reader written by women who candidly and honestly inspire, encourage, and affirm one another through their ministry hearts and deep love for Christ.

Internationally known author and speaker, Jill Briscoe is the Executive Editor, Shelly Esser is Editor, Mary Perso is General Manager, and Suzan Braun is Assistant Editor/Circulation Manager.

Our Readers

JBU readers are a diverse group of ministry wives and women in ministry. JBU readers include women in small congregations to megachurches; they live in rural areas and large cities; they are Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Assemblies of God, Episcopal, Pentecostal, Lutheran, and many other denominations. They are married to a person in ministry or are themselves serving in various ministry roles in their churches with all the unique challenges and opportunities that involves. Our readership also includes single leaders and both married and single missionaries on the field.

Our reader’s top needs are:
1) Closer walk with Christ
2) Having a close friend/confidant
3) Balancing it all
4) Coping with change, and 5). Handling stress/conflict.              

Our Editorial Needs

JBU articles should be personal in tone, full of real-life anecdotes as well as quotes/advice from noted Christian professionals, and be biblically based. Articles need to be practical and have a distinct Christian and ministry perspective throughout. JBU seeks to apply the truths of Scripture to every day life and ministry situations. All articles using Scripture should use the NIV translation, if possible.


We are always looking for articles that can address any aspect of living as a woman serving the Lord in ministry and as a disciple of Jesus Christ. We’d like to see articles that apply biblical principles to every- day relationships, help readers with personal ministry in the church, and articles for helping them and others grow in Christ.

Topics like: balance, intimacy with Christ, handling criticism, friendship, conflict, faith, church life, prayer, evangelism, change, spirit-filled living, finances, forgiveness, God’s will, spiritual warfare, staying committed to Christ through all kinds of trials/good times/hard times, parenting, ministry helps, ideas, and resources, ministry-related issues, pain, fighting weariness, church wounds, and anything that will be helpful to women with a heart for ministry. (Also, articles on any of the top needs in the “Our Readers” section.)     

Feature Articles take a topic of interest and deal with it in a practical and engaging manner. Word Count: 1,200 to 1,500.

Real Faith Articles provide a short testimonial about how God has worked in your life or ministry in some way. Word Count: 450. Consult back issues of JBU for examples.

Ministry Helps provide practical ideas and resources for any area of ministry in the church that would give other women help for their own programming and ministry development. Word Count: 450 to 1,200.

Ministry/Faith Focused Articles tackle issues that women serving in their churches and world face. Articles on topics like training women, lay counseling, moral issues, mentoring, team dynamics, working with volunteers, reaching the next generation, keeping fresh, leadership skills, working with men, cultural issues, going deeper with Christ, trusting God in difficulties, growing in the Word, etc.  Word Count: 500 to 1,200.

We do not accept poetry, fiction, or book reviews.

Freelance submissions are always welcomed and reviewed. Articles should be double-spaced and all paragraphs indented three spaces, not tabbed. Preferably, send your manuscripts e-mail in a Word document. In addition to the author’s address, the first page should include your phone number and the word length. (Manuscripts will not be returned unless requested and accompanied by a self-addressed return envelope with the correct postage.) Along with your submission, please include a brief autobiographical paragraph, including your current place of ministry, vocation, family, special ministry experience, etc. JBU is unable to provide financial remuneration, but will provide five complimentary copies of the issue in which your article appears.

  • Due to our small staff, it will take six to eight weeks for a response to manuscripts.  
  • A request to see your manuscript doesn’t guarantee JBU will accept or print the article.
  • The editors of JBU reserve the right to edit your manuscript for clarity and space, and to reject any article at any stage of our editing/production process.

Sample issues are available at a cost of $4.00 each. Send your check, payable to Just Between Us, to: Just Between Us, 777 S. Barker Road, Brookfield, WI  53045. Unless you request otherwise, the most recent issue will be sent.

Magazine Deadlines

Winter 2016:  Deadline for Manuscripts - July 14, 2016

Spring 2017:  Deadline for Manuscripts - October 7, 2016

Where You’ll Find Us:

Mailing Address: JBU, 777 S. Barker Road, Brookfield, WI  53045

Phone: 262-786-6478

Email:  submissions@justbetweenus.org

Website: www.justbetweenus.org