Starting a Women's Ministry Tips

Starting a Women's Ministry Tips - Tips on launching a women's ministry program in your small church.

By Debra Johanyak

1.  Survey the women.

Circulate a survey to find out who your women are, what their needs are, and what types of programs they are looking for. Be specific (monthly luncheon, bi-weekly Bible study, which days of the week work best, etc.) Put a box in the church foyer or plan to have them distributed in the collection plate after getting the okay. Remember, you can’t please everyone, but you can try for a majority.

2.  Begin with an informal activity.

A monthly breakfast or quarterly dinner is good because they allow today’s busy women to carve out some time that isn’t a big commitment. There’s no pressure if someone forgets or misses one of these events, but rather there’s a more “come-as-you-are-and-as-you-can” risk-free approach.

3.  Network with people in the church.

These people might include pastors and their wives, the church secretary, scheduler, Sunday school coordinator, etc. These people can offer necessary assistance. Find out from them what has worked or not worked in the past and build on that.

4.  Delegate, delegate, delegate!

Put out a sign-up sheet for volunteers. Post a notice in the church bulletin. Make phone calls. Shoulder-tap women who are looking for spiritual growth or ministry challenges. Emphasize the blessings these events provide for harried moms and working women. Such events really do make a difference that can change the course of a woman’s life.

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