Hinds Feet

By Jill Briscoe


The Sovereign LORD is my strength;

he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,

he enables me to go on the heights.

Habakkuk 3:19

Habakkuk’s song of joy crowns a psalm of sorrow. In Psalm 22 Jesus is pictured as “the hind of the morning.” At Calvary, the lion got the hind! But on Easter morning, the hind got the lion! He knows how to be surefooted on dangerous ground. He will help us be surefooted, too. We must remember the “high places” of spiritual experience are really the low places  of life. He will give us hinds feet – when the time comes! 

Hinds feet, give me Hinds feet, Lord –

l like yours –

You are the Hind of the morning,

Walk with me on the heights

Help me to jump – to leap over the crevices –

You go first - show me how!

Land me safely on sure ground.

Give me a high view of Scripture

of the purposes and promises of God

Give me a vision from the heights of

the whole panorama of your will and

Preserve me from the mountain lion

that would terrorize me.

Give me fleet feet—when the lion comes.

Yet and though he pounce and bring me down—

help me to bear it well.

And meet me on the other side of sorrow,

in a new place

in a new race,

in a new age, on a new page of

eternal history.

Until then, Oh Heavenly Hind of

the morning

Talk to me often about the dawn

Of that new day!

Toughen me now—tenderly—

and give me…HINDS FEET!


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