How to Use the Bible

How to Use the Bible - Bible verses for all times in life.

When in sorrow

Read John 14

When men fail you

Read Psalm 27

When you have sinned

Read Psalm 51

When you worry

Read Matthew 6:19-34

When you are in danger

Read Psalm 91

If you have the blues

Read Psalm 34

When God seems far away

Read Psalm 139

If you are discouraged

Read Isaiah 40

If you are lonely or fearful

Read Psalm 23

If you feel down and out

Read Romans 8:39

When you want courage for your task

Read Joshua 1

When the world seems bigger than God

Read Psalm 90

When you want rest and peace

Read Matthew 11:25-30

When leaving home for labor or travel

Read Psalm 121; 107: 23-31

If you get bitter or critical

Read 1 Corinthians 13

If thinking of investments or returns

Read Mark 10: 17-31

For a great invitation – a great opportunity

Read Isaiah 55

~ Author Unknown