Finding Hope

Finding Hope

By Jill Briscoe

Hope is overwhelming confidence in the God who can do anything with anyone at any time in any place. In Greek though, hope was essential for man’s well-being. The Greeks had a myth that Zeus gave humankind all good things for life and put them in a jar. Curiosity lifted the lid, and all the food things in the jar escaped back to the gods. The lid was slammed shut, and hope was trapped. The gods knew that hope was essential for the well-being of humankind. That’s a nice fable, but they got one thing very right. Hope is essential for the well-being of humankind! “Where there’s life there’s hope,” the saying goes. The converse is also true. Where there’s hope there’s life.

Hope is something that belongs very particularly to the Christian. The New Testament talks about a “living hope” (1 Peter 1:3, NIV). Psychologist Sigmund Freud said we needed to look to the past for hope. So everyone began to dig up their past. Then came the people who said, “No, hope is to be found not in the past but in the present.” Then existentialism ruled the day. Now with people’s hearts failing them for fear because of international situations, many are looking towards the future, trying to find hope in these uncertain days. This is where Christians come into their own! Christian love always has hope for the future.

Christians actually have the best of all worlds. We can look back on the past and know we are forgiven; we can cope with the problems of the present because we have hope for the future. This hope enabled us to keep an eye on what’s ahead while being a blessing to people in our here and now. This living hope enables us to cope with all eventualities and sets us free to love people to faith along the way.

Have you ever considered the miracle of morning dew? Some parts of the world totally depend on it. God uses a lesson like this to give us hope in turbulent times. more

Tough Times

Each time that my prayers seemed futile, I asked God, “Why?” Why did God choose to take them and not heal them? Why did God say “no”? more


You are not alone. God is with you no matter what path life takes you on. more

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I serve a God who does not fear pain; a God who created a world knowing it would hurt Him; a God who doesn’t stop heartache but will never leave me nor forsake me in it. more

Tough Times

Through the pain and the struggle and the moments that just seem so hopeless, we will cling to the hope that God has already won, and He is on the throne! more

Relationship with God

I’d beaten million-to-one odds and gotten breast cancer in my 20’s. God was nowhere to be found. BUT God found me, lost in my despair. more

Tough Times

Joy gives birth to HOPE! Therefore, we must not let circumstances dictate our happiness or joy.” more

Spiritual Health

The same Jesus who transcended death itself will lift you up to transcend whatever trial that is taunting you today. more

Tough Times

God can give you help and healing as you turn to Him and look to others for help. more

Mental Health

Does your situation seem impossible today? God brings hope in impossible situations! more


Hope remains and healing will come, despite the difficult times you face. God is in the process of making all things new. more

Tough Times

General principles to put into practice to find hope even when facing depression. more

Mental Health

In my ongoing struggle with depression the voice of despair insists that the darkness is inevitable. The voice of faith points me to God and asserting that hope will have the last word. more

Mental Health

The holidays can be a very difficult time for those of us who are experiencing loss. Yet, God can help us make it through the grief to find peace and healing. more


Filled with an overflowing passion for the hurting, dark world, Jan Martinez and the Christ Kitchen mission offers comfort, hope and work to women trapped in poverty. more

Inspirational Stories

How do we embrace life – living fully, joyfully, and passionately with faith, hope, and trust – even as our hearts ache with unmet desires? more

Relationship with God

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Melissa Spoelstra

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Melissa Spoelstra
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