God's Word

This is who you are because of your connection with Christ... more

Self Esteem

Lisa Harper shares how she was redeemed by God's mercy and grace and now lives a life free of guilt and shame. more

Inspirational Stories

Regardless of what hinders you from connecting with God, your soul will lack rest until you turn to Him as the one thing needed. more

Bible Study

It's often easier to pass along only the words people want to hear. But, God warns us to "Tell them everything I command you; do not omit a word,” (Jeremiah 26:2). more


Words are the tools God uses to move people from meaningless-ness to meaningful-ness and from empty-ness to useful-ness. more

Relationship with God

Staying healthy when you're life is busy is challenging! But what about your spiritual health? What is the secret to staying spiritually healthy? more

Spiritual Health

Rediscover your passion for God’s Word and never become bored with the Bible again! more

Bible Study

God's word gives you power for your everyday life. Here are some ways, to hide God’s Word in your heart. more

Bible Study

Your own experience with God’s Word is all the evidence you need of its clout. What transformed you is the same Word you use when you teach, counsel, or witness. more

Ministry Life

Discover the importance of making God's word central in your life. more

Bible Study

Try one of these Bible reading and study plans and begin becoming a woman of the Word. more

Bible Study

Wisdom, or God-sense, is a priceless commodity. God is faithful to keep on increasing our wisdom as we continue asking – and studying His Word. more

Spiritual Growth

For years I struggled to spend consistent, meaningful time with God. Isn’t spending time with God supposed to be easy? more

Bible Study

Twenty ways to wake up your quiet time and discover variety in your relationship with God. more

Bible Study

The healthiest and most relevant woman’s ministries will encourage women to cultivate an insatiable appetite for the sweetness of God’s Word (Ps. 19:10-11). more

Women's Ministry

The basis for confidence in our ministries, and the key that unlocks fruitfulness, is the power inherent in God’s Word. more

Ministry Life

How often do we substitute our Christian activity, good as it may be, for spending time with God; being still before Him, waiting to sense His presence and hear His voice? more

Bible Study

It's too easy to let tools take the place of the Bible. Daily devotions for Christian women should always include reading God’s Word. more

Bible Study