Jenny Heckman

Jenny Heckman

Jenny Heckman is a regular columnist for Just Between Us, professional, licensed counselor who owns a private counseling practice, Robust Sanity LLC, seeing individuals, couples, and families in Brookfield, Wis. Additionally, she has served on the pastoral staffs of several churches and has been married to husband, Mark, for 25 years and has four children.

If we apply some general principles of good emotional hygiene, we can gain more accuracy in identifying, feeling, and expressing our emotions. more

Emotional Health

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Melissa Spoelstra

  • Run for Your Life

    Run for Your Life

    Running is usually a mark of a coward, but sometimes God calls us to flee. When Potiphar’s wife tempted Joseph daily by inviting him to sleep with her, he learned to stay out of her way. more

Melissa Spoelstra
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