JBU Magazine Volume 19 No. 2

JBU Spring 2009

Featured topics in Just Between Us Magazine Volume 19 No. 2 include:  winning over worry; reasons to look forward to a New Year; living with loneliness; counseling when you're not a counselor; and standing by your husband.

Being the child of a pastor is a unique and interesting journey. It brings with it some specialized needs that every ministry kid has…and every ministry kid needs to have met. more

Ministry Life

When we aren't professional counselors, helping others with their struggles can be a challenge. more

Ministry Life

It's not God's will for His children to worry their lives away. He has something so much better in mind for all of us. He can help us with overcoming worry. more

Emotional Health

Our reaction to difficulties can support or weaken our husband and his leadership. Eventually someone will attack him and when that happens it will be our time to shine. more


Developing intimate friendships can require change and risk, but God delights in meeting all of our needs - even our need for friendship. more

Pastors' Wives

Sarah Young

Sarah Young

  • Sarah Young

    Jesus Always: 10 Tips for a Joy-Filled Life

    Jesus Calling was written to help people connect not only with Jesus, the living Word, but also with the Bible-the only infallible, inerrant Word of God. Sarah endeavors to keep her devotional writing consistent with that unchanging standard. more

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