JBU Magazine Volume 25 No. 1

JBU Winter 2014

Featured topics in Just Between Us Magazine Volume 25 No. 1 include:  when the holiday's hurt; giving your best yes; how to survive the church; discovering the God of second chances; and staying healthy while helping others.  

The next time you feel a nudge, a prompting, by the Holy Spirit, obey. You never know what God wants to do through you to touch someone’s life in an amazing, unimaginable way. more


We’re not good at messy faith are we? We can say we love the poor, the broken, the messy, but when it requires we do something that is uncomfortable, we pull back. more


God uses the challenging events in our lives for new beginnings. In reality, God gives us a second chance, from moment-to-moment, as seen in 2 Cor. 5:17 that “all things are made new". more


Learn how to help others without becoming personally devastated. more

Relationship Health

As pastor's wives, it can be daunting to go about your everyday life and ministry with a near constant audience. more

Pastors' Wives

Sarah Young

Sarah Young

  • Sarah Young

    Jesus Always: 10 Tips for a Joy-Filled Life

    Jesus Calling was written to help people connect not only with Jesus, the living Word, but also with the Bible-the only infallible, inerrant Word of God. Sarah endeavors to keep her devotional writing consistent with that unchanging standard. more

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