JBU Magazine Volume 26 No. 2

JBU Spring 2016

Featured topics in this issue include: winning your spiritual battles; seven habits for successful living; speaking God's truth; and minding your influence.  

Author Sharon Garlough Brown encourages women to draw near to God's heart through spiritual formation fiction. more

Spiritual Growth

Through the pain and the struggle and the moments that just seem so hopeless, we will cling to the hope that God has already won, and He is on the throne! more

Relationship with God

Your good words can gladden the hearts of the people around you today. Your words cannot only touch, but can actually change another’s heart. more

Relationship Health

As much as I hate that GUILT has controlled my day, I know that GRACE will redeem my day. more

Emotional Health

If we’re going to grow as believers, we must learn the importance of controlling our thoughts. It has the potential to move us into success or to drive us to absolute failure. more

Spiritual Health

We have put together some resources that we hope will help you in this delicate walk of comforting and caring for the dying. more

Tough Times

When you look at the cross of Christ, you will see that God understands our pain. more

Tough Times

Striving in women's ministry for when we can all welcome each other as equals to share the challenges of changing this world for Christ. more

Women's Ministry

Today our plugged-in connection to our devices is keeping many of us from taking breaks and getting out into nature. more

Physical Health

As a follower of Christ, I want to be a careful steward of the influence God has given to me. more


Are Christian marriages not supposed to have problems? Is everyone else as perfect as they appear? Is love even possible? Where is God in this mess? more

Marriage Advice

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Melissa Spoelstra

  • Run for Your Life

    Run for Your Life

    Running is usually a mark of a coward, but sometimes God calls us to flee. When Potiphar’s wife tempted Joseph daily by inviting him to sleep with her, he learned to stay out of her way. more

Melissa Spoelstra
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