Shelly Esser

Shelly Esser

Shelly Esser has been the editor of Just Between Us for the last 25 years. Additionally, she was actively involved in women’s ministries for 20 years, is an author, and has served on the Board of the Pastoral Leadership Institute. She and her husband have four daughters and a son-in-law, and live in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

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Parenting Advice

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Inspirational Stories

God sees our struggles, our pain, our distance—our letting ourselves go—yet nothing can separate us from His love. more

Relationship with God

We are to be a safe place for the broken. We are to be Jesus’ arms, wrapping those who are overcome with sin in a blanket of God’s grace - lifting them up to be restored to faith again. more


In the midst of unanswered prayers, questions, and incredible pain we can choose and keep choosing to trust God; even when He is silent. more

Trusting God

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Inspirational Stories

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Hope in Difficult Times

We have the absolute promise and hope that one day the burdens of this place will be no more and we will see Jesus face to face. more

Hope in Difficult Times

Immanuel means "God with us"! Let that reality sink in and give you hope today and as you look to the coming year. more


What do you need to be thankful for in your life? Nothing is more pleasing to God than a thankful heart. “…in everything give thanks” (Phil. 4:6). more


The secret to defeating comparison is to simply remember that God wants to use you in the place of His calling - a place that only you can fill. more

Self Esteem

What happens when healing doesn’t come, the pain doesn’t subside, the circumstances continue for years? Each day is a new day to respond faithfully to God because faith that moves forward triumphs. more

Tough Times

Why does it take us so long to learn the art of keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus? Behold Him! Learn to focus on Jesus instead of all the problems in you life. more

Relationship with God

God chose to have a stranger love me through prayer, and it changed my life. Who today needs to be carried on the wings of your prayers? more


The secret to handling stress lies in taming our hearts and abiding in Christ. more

Emotional Health

We’re not good at messy faith are we? We can say we love the poor, the broken, the messy, but when it requires we do something that is uncomfortable, we pull back. more


God prefers us to be open about our pain and suffering. He doesn’t want us crying alone in the dark. It’s okay when the needy one is you! more

Ministry Life

Life, especially life in ministry, is full of challenges and disappointments. But that doesn't have to take away our joy. more

Ministry Life

Use the gift that God has given and laugh! It’s good medicine for your soul. more

Spiritual Health

Somehow, we need to display God’s grace to others as we forgive. more

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