Stuart Briscoe

Stuart Briscoe

Stuart Briscoe is a regular contributor to Just Between Us. He was born in England in 1930. After leaving school he embarked on a banking career, served in the Royal Marines during the Korean War, and at 17 years of age preached his first sermon. Since that time he has ministered on every continent, written more than 40 books, pastored a church for 30 years, and founded a media ministry called Telling the Truth, which now broadcasts daily worldwide. He has been married to Jill for more than 55 years and has three children and thirteen grandchildren. 

The witness of a strong marriage is a beacon of light in a culture starving for fidelity and hope. more

Marriage Advice

Finding stability in challenging times and hope in a world of trouble is difficult. But don't despair...God is still on the throne! more


This world is a mess, but Jesus is working - one person at a time - to make all things new. more


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Self Esteem

As the Christian church we need to look carefully at the community we are called to be and to see clearly how we are demonstrating, to a world in need, who and what we are. more


Marriage and ministry are compatible dimensions of life that operate on the same principle of loving service. It's not really about balancing the two, it's about blending. more

Ministry Life

There are four ways the great apostle Paul responded to stress which may prove helpful to us in our day. more

Emotional Health

A look at some possible reasons why young Christians leaving are the church and what we can do about it. more


I’m not what I was and I know I never will be again, but I’m not finished yet and I have lots to offer this needy world in which God has placed me. more

Physical Health

Looking deeper to find reasons and develop ways to help young people remain faithful through their college years and beyond. more

Parenting Advice

Christian women today are often vulnerable to a steady diet of moral relativity. Influential leaders touting spirituality often use the language of Christianity, but without the essential component of Biblical truth. more


Marriage advice for husbands on loving your wife God’s way. more

Marriage Advice

Not all ministry couples see themselves a ministry partners. more

Pastors' Wives

We don’t know all God knows, so how do we handle life’s unpleasantnesses or worse? more

Relationship with God

“Opposites attract", but if you’re not careful in about six weeks they’ll irritate.” Mature married couples have learned to celebrate the differences more

Marriage Advice

Jesus is the One who is in charge of life and death, and the modern idea that human beings have the “right to die” when, where, and how they choose finds no place in the purposes of God. more

Mental Health

As the church tends to concentrate more on the “next generation,” it is the aging that are often marginalized. Yet, seniors are still very much needed in the church today. more


The story of Stuart and Jill Briscoe's faith and love through 50 plus years of marriage. more

Inspirational Stories

Why can't we all get along? Making every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. more