Celebrating 30 Years!

30 Years in Print - A Time to Celebrate God’s Faithfulness!

It has been 30 years since God took founder Jill Briscoe’s dream for women around the globe to be spiritually encouraged and equipped for a life of faith through the written word and made it a reality. Today Just Between Us has been a faithful lifeline and friend to women in every state in the U.S. and in over 200 countries.

In the beginning the publishing experts said it would be “impossible” for a magazine to make it run by a handful of part-time staff with mostly volunteers, but Jill went ahead anyway. And because of God’s faithfulness, JBU is a story about the impossible. The ministry has defied all publishing odds. It is truly a miracle that JBU continues to thrive and impact women’s spiritual lives.

Today the ministry is reaching 1.9 million women worldwide through the magazine, website, and social media. Just recently, JBU was named the top website for Christian women. On any given month, there are visitors on the web from over 200 countries - from places like Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Quatar, Ethopia, and many many more - places the print magazine could never go.

Some of the women JBU has touched have told us:

“From the moment I first received JBU, I have read it cover to cover the minute it comes…then I go back and read in-depth those articles that really touch me. I count on the Holy Spirit to speak to me through each issue as it comes and He always does.”

“It has been a lifeline of support and strength and wisdom.”

“I distinctly remember the first time our supply plane Brough in my first JBU magazine that a church had gifted to me. I locked myself in our bathroom and sobbed as I read article after article of life-giving words. JBU was that much-needed girlfriend, mentor, disciple, and my soul care. These were women struggling to do ministry with integrity, strength, and joy. I needed to hear those words over and over again.” 

Only God Can Do That!

What an amazing journey we have been on. Year after year, we have watched God provide every single thing this ministry has needed. He continues to do the impossible and we continue to have the privilege of joining with Him as He touches women’s lives across the street and around the world.

And to think it all started with one ordinary woman’s dram and a willingness to say yes to God.

Great is His Faithfulness!


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