When your heart is wounded and broken, do you ask “where’s God” in your pain? Desiree Woodland shares her journey to find faith after her son’s suicide. Read more

When Life Hurts

What things can you put in God’s backpack today? Give your burdens to God. Let Him carry the load and help you stand strong in uncertain times. Read more

Getting Through Hard Times

What is God asking you to surrender? We need to learn to give up our desire to charge God with wrongdoing and place our protests on the altar instead. Read more

Accepting God's Will

How do we trust in God’s timing when we’ve been waiting days, months or even years? Remember - just because God seems silent, doesn’t mean He’s inactive! Read more

When God Says Wait

How can you learn to wait on the Lord to renew your strength when you suffer grief and loss? How do you find a song when you've lost your joy? Read more

When God Says Wait

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