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Spring Smile

Have you felt His word revive you and give you new life? New meaning? New purpose? As we welcome spring, it’s easy to literally see new life all around us…..tulips budding, brown grass turning green, birds chirping, and the warmth of the sun on our face. Perhaps we even rise a little earlier to spend a few more minutes at the feet of our Savior to thank Him for that new spring season that is coming alive all around us.

While this is what spring is like for many of us, sadly it’s not the same for all. Some may be in the middle of a long, hard winter that seems to carry over into spring days. Some may be bitter about the bright sunshine flooding their windows when it was easier to sleep away their pain, hurt, grief and shame in the dark of winter. Others are moving into a new season of life but are not ready to embrace the changes ahead.

For all of these seasons of life, Just Between Us is there to support and encourage women.

But we can’t do it without you. Will you join with JBU to offer refreshment to more women in new ways this spring? Your partnership directly impacts lives across the street and around the world!

Make your gift to JBU today. 


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