Healing After #metoo

Healing After #metoo

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It is difficult to understand healing when you have been told by the church to “get over it” and/or “you need to forgive.” This puts blame squarely on the victim and unfortunately increases the pain.

Ruth Munro 333 days ago


We are so very sorry for the pain you’ve endured and the additional pain you’ve experienced by the church’s uncompassionate and unvalidating response. Being told “to get over it” or “you need to forgive” does not validate your pain and the healing process that is involved. You are right in saying, that it in fact only prolongs your pain. I am so sorry that you didn’t receive caring, compassionate responses and an invitation for someone to walk alongside you in your pain for however long it takes to find healing. The responses are so opposite of what the Body of Christ should be doing. Know that you are not alone. That Christ sits with you in your pain and grief. Give yourself permission to go through all the stages of grief and loss for however long it takes you. That is the healthy way to process what’s happened to you and it doesn’t happen overnight. As you do and cry out your pain to God and trusted others in brutal honesty, you will find healing and wholeness step by step. You have been through a terrible thing and it’s okay to have the feelings you do. We pray that despite all that’s happened that God will keep hope alive in your heart. If we could, we’d give you a great big hug. We are asking the Lord to do that in surprising ways in your life in the days ahead.
~ Love, Shelly Esser (Editor of Just Between Us)

Just Between Us 330 days ago

You are not alone!

I am so sorry that your experience in the church has added to your pain! Very few pastors and Christian leaders have any training on the impact of sexual abuse and the long journey of healing. Even well-meaning people can say things that contribute to a woman's trauma. Forgiveness is an important step in the journey, but often one of the final steps. I hope and pray that you have found a caring Christian who can walk with you through your healing. You're not alone! ~ Dr. Juli Slattery

Just Between Us 326 days ago

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