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There Will Be Justice

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I love that the Lord's justice is to further implement His righteousness which then brings about the goodness of the Lord. The heart of the Lord is filled with compassion and when He exercises compassion, He also brings justice to those who need Him most. He didn't come to save the religious, but those who are poor and broken in spirit. If we all focused on knowing His love, and exercising that like He encourages us too, knowing that, "the greatest of these is love" then we would see the Spirit of God work through that love to bring about rightness, and alignment that would also bring life and blessings. I remember that Jesus saw the people and He was moved with compassion for them, without ever hearing their story. How much greater is the power of Christ through us, if we too moved with His love and compassion-bringing the cross to life, being persuers of His peace and when we love, we fulfill all the commands of the Lord.

Alexandria more than 1 year ago

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