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Not Good Enough

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Not Good Enough - Laura Sandretti

You live my life. I'm reading Abide in Christ - A 31 Day Devotional by Andrew Murray which speaks well to this subject.

Melissa Weis 8 days ago

Not Good Enough

Thank you so much for this devotional reading! While reading, I felt as though you knew me personally. I see myself so vividly in your testimony. I am a pastor's wife, yet I struggle with the acceptation that I am "good enough." I have complained to my husband so much, spoken harshly to him at times, and, yes, there have been times when I actually dreaded to go to worship service. I feel I am not a successful pastor's wife, although I do many "works" to try to prove myself. I have been so ashamed of myself and tried to do better, believing I was not good enough. I will use your words of advice and your instructions to live my life knowing that I AM "good enough."

Joan 8 days ago