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Not Good Enough

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Not Good Enough - Laura Sandretti

You live my life. I'm reading Abide in Christ - A 31 Day Devotional by Andrew Murray which speaks well to this subject.

Melissa Weis more than 1 year ago

Not Good Enough

Thank you so much for this devotional reading! While reading, I felt as though you knew me personally. I see myself so vividly in your testimony. I am a pastor's wife, yet I struggle with the acceptation that I am "good enough." I have complained to my husband so much, spoken harshly to him at times, and, yes, there have been times when I actually dreaded to go to worship service. I feel I am not a successful pastor's wife, although I do many "works" to try to prove myself. I have been so ashamed of myself and tried to do better, believing I was not good enough. I will use your words of advice and your instructions to live my life knowing that I AM "good enough."

Joan more than 1 year ago

Thank you, Joan!

Thank you for honestly sharing your struggles, Joan. I hope God has been doing a mighty work in starting to replace the lies you’ve believed with the truth of His unfailing love for you.

Laura Sandretti 326 days ago

Thank you, Melissa!

Thank you for sharing this resource!

Laura Sandretti 326 days ago

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