Remembering the Good Things about God

Remembering the Good Things

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Mind work

Isn’t God’s Word great?! He doesn’t show us the lives of people with perfect faith, those who never doubt, men and women who always follow in complete obedience. Instead, He gives us ones like Jeremiah, His chosen prophet, who struggle to understand His working with His people. Jeremiah is so real as he goes through the process that you describe and that we can also follow.

There was a time not long ago when I felt like the God that I’d trusted for years had wounded me deeply. It hurt so much, surely He must have done something terrible to me, something wrong, something evil, something that I had a right to either forgive or continue to hold against Him. The god I wanted to worship wouldn’t do this to me.

But I knew that I needed Him more than ever, so I followed all my usual practices—worshipping, studying His Word, spending time in fellowship with other believers, praying, walking in obedience to Him. Like Jeremiah. Like your advice to do the mind work.

Then, suddenly, as I was struggling spiritually with yet another catastrophe, He did the heart work, providing supernatural, peaceful acceptance that far transcended all my understanding (Philippians 4:7).

Ann O'Malley more than 1 year ago

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