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What is God Preparing You For?

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Be blessed

Wow.Am not here by mistake.God brought me here.Am inspired and i have learnt something..great things really.God bless you

Joy 151 days ago

What is God preparing you for

Such a wonderfully uplifting and inspiring word. Thank you Lois 😘
Gods loving providence just when it's been needed.

Maria 216 days ago

Thank you!

Thank you your article really helped and blessed me!

Dawn 331 days ago

What is God preparing you for?

Awesome word! Blessings on you!

Freddie Forte more than 1 year ago

wow... thank you!

This is so relatable to me. We raised our children in a loving and supportive christian home. I have 4 children, 2 girls, 2 boys. Our girls are the oldest and youngest, neither are married. The older one found out she was pregnant after she accepted a job in D.C. I was both devestated and excited. I couldn't believe that she was in a new city, new job and pregnant!! On the other hand, I was excited that I would be a grandmother and all the joy the baby would bring. We all were excited of welcoming an addition to our family. At 37 weeks, there was no movement, no heart beat and the baby was "born sleeping"...stillborn. DEVASTATING! And we got through it with God's grace. On New Years Eve 2018, our youngest daughter had something to share that she had been keeping from us that penetrated our hearts to the point where we were numb. She too had been pregnant but chose to terminate her pregnancy. This was a pain that pierce our hearts. She chose to have an abortion because she didn't know what to do, she didn't know how she could support the baby and didn't want to embarass us with our church. BUT She knew how loved and supported her sister was. She knew how much we anticipated the arrival of our grand daughter and niece. She new that we would have supported and loved this grand baby! She was always vehemently opposed to abortion yet she chose to end the life of her child. Reassuring her that she was loved, she knew we would get through this as a family. Your words of wisdom:

"We are in good company when our children go wrong. God understands our grief. The next time your children’s failures make you feel like you’ve done it all wrong, deal honestly with your own failures. But also remember – you can lead a child to the waters of wisdom, but you cannot make him drink. Let’s just hope and pray that our investment in our children’s lives will cause them to thirst for the Living Water, which can only be found in Jesus.",

have let us know we are not alone and we handle the news well. She is child of God, a lover of Jesus, who made a mistake. Her life will be changed forever by her decision and she will be able to minister to others in a way that is different than I could. Thank you for the reminder that my husband I are not bad parents. We too walk in grace and mercy daily. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

laffalot@verizon.net more than 1 year ago

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