Laying Down Your Dreams

Laying Down Your Dreams

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Crucifying my dreams

I learned a very hard lesson about laying down my dreams. For me it meant picturing me taking up my cross and then nailing to it every hope and dream I had. Then I learned to wait patiently on the Lord as He gave me new hopes and dreams based on Him and His purposes for my life. One of the hopes I had to lay down was being mom to a normal, healthy child who would grow up to do all the things normal humans do. That hope was gone when my only child and son had severe seizures that resulted in brain damage and brain surgery. But God...! He gave me a new hope from the death of my old one by doing a work in my son that can only be explained as miraculous. My son is still brain-damaged, and I will still never know the joys most mother's experience through their adult children. But God has done some amazing work in and through my son and is receiving glory through his life.

Joy Moss Miller 23 days ago

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