The Disillusioned Churchgoer

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Time to Leave

Hello. I have been actively involved with churches for over 25 years (I am a church organist). Through the antics of others I have recently begun to see through the sham facade of 'Christian respectability'. Time and time again, I see that Christians are anything but Christian, and are often worse than non-churchgoers in their behaviour. My priest is turning into a miserable old man who harangues the few first communicants, their parents and teachers who actually turn up to meetings. Everyone has their own agenda, and practically everyone lies. Then there are the people who compare dress and clothing and judge people for it, and there are those who are so ultra-conservative in their views that they would like to preserve the church as a museum piece. Which is ironic as Christianity itself is passing into mythology anyway. I have never felt so depressed in all my life. We are approaching Christmas yet I have no stomach for it this year and will be glad when its over. I have decided that the only course of action is for me to leave. I feel my life would be much better without this illusion of holiness we call church.

Paul 236 days ago


Hi Paul.

I read all this. I am tired of trying to find excuses for people who are supposed to be radically changed by the power of God. Doesn't seem to be happening. I am about as disillusioned with the church and with the lack of God's involvement as I possibly could be.

Just thought I'd respond to say you're not alone.

I don't know what the answer is. Leaving feels good. It feels like the removal of a burden, and not having to pretend to be "family" or "body" with a group of people who I have virtually nothing in common with.

Very sad.

Jonathan 231 days ago

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