Replacing Foreboding Joy with Pure Joy

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Such strength....

Thank you for sharing this, Katie. I don’t claim to understand your situation and pain, but as a chronic pain sufferer myself who is raising children, I am always “foreboding joy”. Preparing for the worst that could happen to myself and robbing my family off of the joy, as if it can be justified for love (protecting them from “just-in-case” mummy gets a migraine scenarios) when they are cheering me on with their strength and courage. So from that perspective, I share in your sharing about “foreboding joy”. Grateful for you!

Josephine Lau 252 days ago

Foreboding Joy

Oh Josephine! I didn’t realize this about you. So glad you shared with me. You demonstrate such courage through your life and ministry.

Katie Pearson 251 days ago

Thank You.

“It’s OK to believe the best for her life.”
You put it so well, I struggle with needing to be more prepared for any bad situation that might arise instead of enjoying believing God is true and good things are for her....

Stephanie Schoon 254 days ago

Foreboding Joy

Oh Stephanie I understand so well! Thanks for sharing. It’s a practice and process of turning it over daily, yes?

Katie Pearson 253 days ago

Thank you!

I have a son with disabilities and thinking of the future occasionally crippled me spiritually.... thank you for sharing and inspiring me.

Mary 255 days ago

Foreboding Joy

I’m so grateful it spoke to you. Thank you for sharing.

Katie 253 days ago

Blessed by this article

This article unexpectedly pierced my heart as I share a very common story. Tears streamed down by cheeks as I could affirm and receive this truth! Thank you for sharing in such a raw and vulnerable way.

Amanda Daniels 337 days ago

Thank you for sharing.

I am struggling with foreboding joy. Your story has brought me encouragement.

Tracey hallebach 339 days ago

Foreboding Joy

Hi Tracey. I'm sorry you are struggling but I hope it helps to know the Lord is with you and other moms who understand the unique pain it brings. Prayers and love.

Katie Pearson 255 days ago