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Isn’t this just the most wonderful news?

To flourish simply means to grow well, to thrive. It’s the definition of a life well-lived. And that’s exactly what God wants for each of us. He doesn’t want us to live life “just getting by.” He wants us to thrive and to live abundant lives filled with continuous growth and the ability to embrace His goodness and beauty all around us. No matter what season we’re in, God intends for us to flourish—and He not only desires it, He makes it possible.

Every year, Just Between Us picks a word for the year—and this year, you guessed it, it’s flourish. I think God knew, after the long, difficult year we’ve just come through, that we needed an inspiring word, an uplifting word that just makes our hearts happy, our souls sing, and fills us up with hope. Flourish and all that it means does that for me, and I pray it does that for you as well.

To get us started, here is some en“flourish”ment for your soul! We’re excited about the variety of articles in this issue starting with Carol McLeod’s excellent article on page 16 encouraging us on “how the ability to flourish is a prerequisite for living a vibrant life.” Another highlight is our interview with singer/songwriter Kristyn Getty (our cover model). Find Kristyn’s engaging interview “A Song in Her Heart” on page 22. There is no greater way, especially through the different seasons of our lives, for our souls to flourish than through the gift of song with lyrics that connect our hearts to God. And “Taking Care of You!” on page 38 will help you flourish as you focus on others while taking care of yourself.

Psalm 92:13 says, “Planted in the house of the LORD, they will flourish in the courts of God.”  

We invite you to join us on this flourishing adventure over the next year and watch what God does in your life. He created you to be a flourisher!

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Some of the great articles you'll find in this issue: 

A Song in Her Heart
Singer-songwriter Kristyn Getty is making beautiful music to make your soul sing.
by Shelly Esser with Constance B. Fink
The Well-Mannered Marriage
Does the way you treat your spouse need some fine-tuning?
by Susan A. Vernick
Thriving in Singleness
Saying yes to God's invitations even when your dreams are collapsing and life isn't how you pictured it.
by Kristen Kieckhaefer
Taking Care of You!
To be the best caregiver for others, you can’t forget about caring for yourself!
by Lisa Elliott
Choosing Grace Instead of Conflict
Learn to get at the root of conflict and have more peaceful relationships by avoiding the five R's: rejection, resentment, resistance, revenge, and repeating the cycle. 
by PeggySue Wells
 Anchored Through Every Storm
Identifying storm triggers before they become too overwhelming and cause you to lose your anchor.
by Catriona Futter
Leaning Into the Limitless Love of God
Discover how it will exceed all of your expectations.
by Elizabeth Murphy
Life Was a Highway
One woman's story of accepting God's new direction for her life amidst a life-changing medical crisis.
by Kelley Wotherspoon
When You Have Been Wounded
We are all broken people who are givers and receivers of brokenness. It's what we do with our brokenness that matters.
by Jen Allee


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