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Just Between Us Magazine | Fall 2019


For those of you who are just joining us, I want to say welcome. You haven’t just subscribed to a magazine...you’ve joined a community of women who are here for you 24/7 to help you hold your arms up in this journey of faith. None of us have to walk alone.

We are a safe place to bring your questions, your fears, your heartaches, and your joys and  celebrations. We are intertwined with women’s hearts all over the world through an eternal net-work of prayer and burden-bearing that is unlike any other. So, we’re thrilled you’re here and we welcome each one of you with open arms!

Enjoy… from our hearts to yours!

Speaking Upmoisom
Mo Isom is boldly taking about sex and the need to redeem it for God’s glory.

Mo Isom on page 18 dives into a very important topic we like to stay silent about—sex. Her courageous testimony is a much-needed voice in the wilderness, and God is using her to in-struct, encourage, and inspire all of us, including the church, to take back what Satan has stolen in the area of sexuality, especially in this generation—and to hold our arms up so we can win this battle!


Juggling Act

By Lisa T. Grimes

We can have a balanced life if we accept that some balls can and should drop, at least for a season.

We hope after you’ve finished this issue, you’ll feel the love and support of this body of sisters of all ages and stages of life holding your arms up—and never letting go!



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