Summer 2020

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Just Between Us Magazine | Summer 2020


As you open the pages of this issue, I hope you leave encouraged and filled with hope, especially in these uncertain times. On page 22, Author Heather HagĀ­strom shares about God's faithfulness in her life as she battled cancer. And on page 14, Helen Cepero shows us how journaling forms our souls. What a great practice to prioritize for your summer growth to track God's faithfulness in your life! And, Gail Goolsby gives us strength for these challenging coronovirus times on page 23. 

To celebrate God's faithfulness, our team has put an empty jar in the office to collect notes when God shows His faithfulness to us. I challenge you to do the same this summer, and then at the end, empty the jar and celebrate all the ways God has been faithful. I guarantee you will be singing, "
Great is Thy Faithfulness!

With love and joy,


Journaling as a Spiritual Practice

by Helen Cepero

Tracking God's faithfulness in your life. 


The Gift

by Catriona Futter

Learning to grow in the midst of chaos.


Strength to Face the Coronavirus

by Gail Goolsby

When you're struggling with fear and anxiety, we need to keep our focus on Him. 

So, sit down and pour your favorite refreshing drink and settle into this issue. When you’ve finished the last word, I hope you’ll feel like you’ve been on a mini-retreat and that the Lord has refreshed your soul no matter what season your soul is in. Jeremiah 31:25 says, “I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.”


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