Winter 2020

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It’s hard to believe that this year like none other is almost over! If you’re like me, it can’t come soon enough. What a journey we have all been on together. As I look back over the issues of this—our 30th anniversary year—it’s my hope that you’ve felt like you’ve had a close friend sitting beside you and encouraging you as you navigate these uncertain days.

When you dive into this issue, I’m trusting that every single article will breathe hope into your heart where you are needing it most, and that as you finish the last word, you’ll feel like you’ve just left a conversation with a friend who understands.

In this issue, you’ll find a variety of articles. Catriona Futter’s piece, “Life After Lockdown” on page 18 will help you process what’s essential in your life moving forward. And don’t miss a favorite anniversary piece with inspiring words from women we’ve introduced you to in the past on page 20.

We know there won’t be a Christmas quite like this one, so “Remember Desserts” on page 24 provides ideas to help you navigate a different kind of holiday while helping you keep your focus on Christ.

We’ve been very intentional to lift your spirits and provide you with some good news, and encouraging and uplifting stories and snippets of wisdom to light your way.

Jesus specialized in coming into the middle of a mess as that light in the darkness, the hope for the hopeless, and what good news that is for where our world is right now. He came into the world much like what we are experiencing—a time in history overcome with political turmoil, religious unrest, violence, terror, and warring factions. But into the mess He says loudly, “The Prince of Peace has come...”

Christmas blessings from our hearts to yours,



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Current Issue Available for Purchase Below: