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Are you hungry for spiritual refreshment? Longing to feed your soul with something substantial enough to get you through the demands of each day, yet constantly frustrated by your limited time to sit and savor a hearty meal?

We all struggle with spiritual droughts from time to time. The speed of life, the expectations of others, the distractions of this present world keep us from slowing down enough to fill our soul with God’s Word—the only thing that sustains!

This is why we are committed to providing you with a FREE, easy-to-digest weekly mini-magazine packed with fresh biblical insight and spiritual truths. These weekly e-mails are handcrafted with you in mind. They are laser-focused on the topics that matter most to you and layered with rich truths to help you flourish in the midst of your everyday life.






Free Weekly Mini-Magazine

In addition, one of the unique things about the ministry of Just Between Us is that we are a reader-written ministry. Women from all over the world, who have a heart to walk alongside women to encourage, inspire, comfort, help, and bring hope through the power of God's Word, share their writing gifts with us. They are women just like you, coming from all ages and stages of life - single women, married women, joyful women, hurting women, and everything in between. Our Just Between Us authors are women who don't want you to feel alone, so they put their heart out there, so you will have those "me too" moments and feel like you have made a new friend. Somehow, now your faith journey doesn't seem so hard, so overwhelming. You will find an incredible sisterhood waiting for you as our authors share their you can leave every article saying, "Someone understands me and my heart. Someone gets what I'm going through." And they do!

We know that life can leave you feeling overwhelmed and the last thing you want is an overflowing inbox. So we pop in once a week to share some of our favorite Bible-centered resources and encouragement to refresh your soul. It’s like the perfect coffee date with a friend but without leaving your home. We also pop in periodically to share news and announcements with our community.


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