Understanding Forgiveness

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Me Too

I get the vertical forgiveness; its the horizontal forgiveness that is my problem.
I have have family members tell me outright they don't want to ever forgive me for a something I did in the past, to them. (I am speaking of a step-daughter). I have recently divorced and am having trouble knowing that I've done all I could and that its not my problem, its her's/theirs. (That is what Christian counselors have told me). I want to move on with my life.
I want to experience peace, the peace of God.
I want to heal.
Is this all selfish on my part?
Heart is aching, broken into pieces.
I think / believe I've given it to God, but have I if this pain is still here?

L Christie more than 1 year ago

In Response to Me Too

Christie: It is not selfish on your part to want peace and healing. Healing takes time. And we can't control the process or the timing of the healing. Emotional pain doesn't mean you haven't forgiven someone. And sometimes it is challenging to stay in a posture of forgiveness, especially when other people continue to be unforgiving or hurtful toward us. Broken relationships are painful, even when we're choosing to forgive others. Of course we want reconciliation, but we can't force something to happen. Scripture says to do everything we can to be at peace with others. (Romans 12:18) But this implies that there are going to be times we can't create the peace we want. And that's when we have to focus on God's peace, again and again and again.

Beth K. Vogt more than 1 year ago

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