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Spiritual Friendships

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In laws

My name is Paige. My husband and I have two small children. I love my spouse but his family has always treated me poorly and I’m not sure how I feel.

Paige 229 days ago

In Laws

Paige, I am sorry your heart hurts in how your in-laws treat you. Navigating personalities and expectations can be very difficult. I am praying for wisdom for you right now. Is your husband a Christ-follower? Have you told him how you feel? When I have challenges in family relationships, I talk them out with my husband and calmly tell him what I am feeling and why. He then is able to help me navigate and we grow stronger in our marriage partnership. Early on in our marriage, my in-laws wanted us to take in my suicidal brother-in-law. I did not feel comfortable with it and no one understood why I wouldn't want him to come stay with us. But when I talked it out with my husband, he was able to see my point of view (after much prayer on my part). My brother-in-law ended up moving back with his parents. Which was a good thing, since it ended up being a lot longer than they were telling me. I am sure your husband loves you and I am praying right now for unity through this challenging circumstance.

Seana 159 days ago

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