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Blaming Yourself for Your Prodigal

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Will you send me a copy of that sermon “grace demands a death “ or tell me how I can get it . Thank you

Tracie Petri 230 days ago

Still breathing

Thank you for blessing with your story... praying for even that "stiff cold" opportunity to hug. Today, instead or praying, "My child turn and remember... I will hear ABBA whispering to me, My child turn to me and remember. "

Ileana Martjnez 250 days ago


I had a false understanding that only "bad" choices are made from the ungodly. Our daughter in her very early 20's was too raised in the church and active there. You can imagine how surprised I was when I learned that she "left". How can this be with all the Scriptural training, etc? She claims she is still a Christian but is very deceived. Greater is God in us than he who's in the world. There is hope!

Ann 287 days ago

Thank You from a Broken Mum

I cannot thank you enough. These words resonate deeply with me as I contemplate my precious prodigal son.

Mum A more than 1 year ago

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