Invisible Mom

The Invisible Mother

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I've read this a dozen times over and I get tears in my eyes everytime. It's absolutely beautiful and 100 percent accurate. What a great reminder of seeing thru the eyes of Jesus and loving with our Father's heart. I've been asked to speak on the topic of being a mom at our women's church meeting this Friday. I intend on sharing this article and this ministry "Fresh Brewed Life"... Jesus ✝️ and coffee ☕... my morning routine!

Melanie 250 days ago


I seriously could not agree more. This is a beautiful article.

Kris scheppler 290 days ago

Invisible Mother

Wow how true you are. Thank You

Mary 291 days ago

Ahh yes..

This is nourishment for my mission. I will persevere.

Mary more than 1 year ago

Thank you

Wow. Thank you.

Dara Harmon more than 1 year ago

What inspiration!

Your post stuck with me for several days and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Thank you. You've helped me reevaluate some of my priorities in my own motherhood. While I disagree with the virtues of being ignored by my family, I admit that it does happen.

Jessica Rousseau more than 1 year ago

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