Christian Leadership Advice

By Jill Briscoe

To know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. ~ Ephesians 3:19

“What equipment do I need if I am going to serve the Lord, sir?” a young missionary recruit asked a veteran Christian.  The old saint quickly replied, “Bent knees, wet eyes, and a broken heart!”

The bent knees were mentioned first.  The hardest thing for a leader to do is to remember to bend them, because there are so many holy and good substitutes!  There is the sweet fellowship with other great leaders.  There is the edification of fellow national believers.  There is the corporate time of prayer that the staff enjoys each day.  There are family devotions around the breakfast table with the children.  But the bent knees that lead to the wet eyes that result from a broken heart come from the isolation of the soul.

The most important transactions take place alone; absolutely alone!  That is the time when you are able to comprehend, to really grasp what is the breadth and length and depth and height of the love of Christ.

One day Jesus looked out on a needy multitude and was moved with compassion (see Matt. 14:14).  The word moved could well be translated “convulsed.”  That deep, deep love came from Christ’s time spent alone with His Father – with bent knees, wet eyes, and a broken heart!

Christian leaders, of course, are not the only ones who need to practice bent knees!  If a leader is “an ordinary person called to do extraordinary things with very little help,” then that includes all of us!

Lord, I confess that there are times when I rush through my time with You.  Help me to not be distracted by all the things and demands of the world.  Remind me, Holy Spirit, when I feel pressured to hurry that this is where I meet with and experience the love of my Father.  Nothing else can compare with this time.  Thank You for ordering my days so that I always have the time to be with You.  Amen.

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