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JBU Spring 2010

As we celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Just Between Us magazine, I find myself reflecting back to God's faithfulness to us and you over the years. And to think that it all began with a small dream I had which God birthed into reality.  

This ministry grew out of a concern, a heart concern I had for women who were serving the Lord in all kinds of capacities and all kinds of ways, but with very little resources or ongoing encouragement. I wanted to provide something special, something addressing your unique needs and challenges by providing support, resources, and, most importantly, our friendship with you. As I have traveled the world these past 20 years, I have come across women's same basic needs, heard the same basic questions, and had the same basic problems presented to me. The only difference has been the color of the skin and the fashion of the dress. And, amazingly the written Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit, has gone out through this little tool all over the world and transcended every culture. That is such a God think! Women in the States, in Indonesia, in Viet Nam, in Japan, in England, in Brazil, in Russia, in Papua New Guinea - women in all four corners of the earth being touched through the pages and website of Just Between Us!

Many of these women are in places where Christian resources are limited, if they have them at all.  They have taken articles in Just Between Us (JBU ) with our blessing and used the material in discipling women in their countries. In South Korea, a large evangelical publisher translated and reprinted JBU articles in its monthly journal for church leaders for years. JBU is also distributed in the United Kingdom ad a ministry wife in Japan who is also a subscriber, started a JBU Japan website translating articles from the magazine and posting them for Japanese ministry wives because of the lack of support with virtually no Christian resources for women. Additionally, we continually receive requests to reprint articles for newsletters and other publications for use in Bible studies, seminary and Sunday school classrooms, churches, and prisons. Thousands of magazines are sent to conferences, counseling and retreat centers, and seminary and Bible college libraries. This is a reach only God could orchestrate!

This tool began as our five loaves and two fishes - written by very ordinary women (many of you). We've sought to share our hearts, our struggles, our support, and our encouragement for one another as we serve and love the Lord Jesus together.

We pray that you will enjoy articles from this special 20th anniversary issue of Just Between Us magazine.  

Thank you for the incredible privilege of serving you for the last two decades and watching God do the extraordinary in all of our lives!

In Christ,

Jill Briscoe, Founder and Executive Editor

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