Christian Women's Magazine - Finding Hope

JBU Spring 2017 Cover

This issue of Just Between Magazine highlights advice for Christian women on Finding Hope even in the toughest of times. Other key article topics include: redeeming broken dreams and getting real with God.  

Below is an excerpt from one of the featured articles "Hope Heals" by Aubrey Adams:

At age 26, with a six-month-old baby, Katherine Wolf’s life dramatically changed forever. A near fatal hemorrhagic stroke—a bleed in her brain—instantly dropped her to the living room floor. Her husband, Jay, miraculously was home that morning and called for immediate medical help. The micro brain surgery to save her life was almost not performed, because it was so high risk. But because the doctor knew she was a new mom, and would die without the surgery, he took the risk and operated. Her son, James, who was part of God’s plan, ended up saving his mother’s life and became the reason she fought to live.    

Surviving the initial stroke and surgery was a miracle. But Katherine and Jay, who were college sweethearts and had only been married for three years, were now faced with living in a completely different reality then they had ever imagined. Katherine would now have to learn how to walk, talk, and eat again spending months in ICU and a year and a half in a center for physical rehabilitation. Despite the devastating outlook, Katherine bravely fought to regain a new normal. And Jay stayed lovingly at her side. 

While Katherine’s body had been changed forever that day, her heart, her dreams, and her faith had not. Relationally, she was still the same vibrant, loving, big personality she’d always been. Her faith had been rocked in the wake of this tragedy, but now it was being inwardly changed, strengthened, and renewed by God’s faithfulness as He upheld her and assured her of His new plan for her life. 

At one point, God spoke to her in one of her darkest hours. She began questioning if God had made a mistake, wondering if she should have just died since she felt like she was caught between life and death unable to walk, eat, or even feed her own child. In a very powerful moment, God inaudibly spoke directly to her heart and assured her that He did not make a mistake. He was God and she was not. He invited her to trust Him because He was working everything out for her good.


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