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Whether you have been part of Just Between Us magazine since its inception 27 years ago, or this is your very first issue, we’re so glad you’ve joined us. We hope you feel how much we care about you—and how much we desire to be an ongoing blessing in your life. With each issue, we want you to feel like curling up with the magazine is the next best thing to having a girlfriend by your side. You are prayed for, thought about, and your needs are considered with every issue we place in your hands. 

Your faith walk is important to us and so we consider it a sacred privilege to be that ongoing voice of encouragement to cheer you on your way so that you never feel alone. Most importantly, we hope you feel God’s presence with you through every page of this magazine—drawing your heart to His!  

A few years ago, during this time of year, I was listening to the Christian radio station KLOVE and on came a version of Emmanuel. I don’t even remember who was singing it. All I remember is it stopped me in my tracks! The words “God with Us” gripped my heart. Having just spent the morning laying out some heavy burdens to God, those three little words came alive in my spirit in a way I had never encountered before. 

God With Us! God with us on our way to work. God with us when we juggle family schedules. God with us in our relationships. God with us in our pain and disappointments. God with us in our illness and depression. God with us in our grief. God with us in difficult medical news. God with us when we’re tired. God with us when we’re happy. God with us. Period! That’s the whole message of Christmas summed up, isn’t it? Because of Christmas, we never have to walk through life alone because God is and always will be with us. 

For our sake, He came down to earth in a dirty stable entering this world as a baby in human flesh to walk alongside us in our humanity all to be with you and me. He is not a God who doesn’t care or is far removed from what happens in our lives. No… He is very much with us aware of every single thing we have faced in the past year and will face in the year to come.          

We will find the true peace our hearts desire as we rest in the living presence of Emmanuel. Let that reality sink in and give you hope today and as you look forward to the coming year. We have so much to be thankful for starting with the gift of His presence in our daily lives!

To remind you of our presence with you 24/7, we have a weekly blog and devotional by Jill Briscoe and a weekly e-newsletter that’s free—all you have to do is sign up here.

It’s our prayer that as you flip through the pages of this issue, the Spirit uses every word cover to cover to encourage your hearts just where you need it most, to help you hear God's voice and to serve as a constant reminder that He is with you in your walk of faith—and so are we!  

The Just Between Us staff wishes you and your families a very blessed season.

Until next time,

Shelly Esser

Please enjoy the articles JBU has shared from this issue of Just Between Us Magazine. As you read, we pray you are encouraged as you trust God through whatever trials you face; finding contentment to help you embrace your circumstances and ultimately finding the peace only God can give.


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