Christian Women's Magazine - Hearing God's Voice

JBU Winter Cover 2017

This issue of Just Between Magazine highlights advice for Christian women on Hearing God's Voice. Other key article topics include: living a grateful life, prayers make a difference, and ways to cultivate a joyful heart.   

Below is an excerpt from one of the featured articles "He's Speaking - Are You Listening" by Heather Webb:

Sometimes I yell at God. Usually this happens when God is speaking to me, and His words smack up against my child-like willfulness, my clenched fists, and my haughty arrogance. Most days I am certain that I know the best way to live, and I don’t need anyone, especially God telling me otherwise. I have felt this way at every major decision point in my life where God is clearly speaking to me and asking me to follow Him, to take a gigantic risk, and plunge into an unknown future with Him. 

I resisted His voice with vehemence when He called me into the work of ministry, when He pointed me toward a life overseas, when He led us to adopt the second time, and when He asked me to move to the inner city. We so often want to hear God’s voice so that we can discern His will for our lives, but as David Benner points outour problem is that “we normally assume that the challenge is how to know [God’s will] rather than how to choose it.”   

In my moments of resistance, I think God is smirking, like I do when my own child is throwing an irrational tantrum. He knows, and frankly, I know as well, that surrender isn’t far away. While my selfishness and willfulness are still alive and well after many years of following Jesus, I have also learned on the roller-coaster ride that is my life, that choosing God is choosing my best life.  When I step into His plan for my life, He makes me more fully the person He created me to be, and I am fulfilling my unique part in His kingdom vision for this world. This is the foundation of discerning God’s will—grasping God’s deep love for us as individuals and trusting His benevolence towards us.  


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