Christian Women's Magazine | Learning to Have Fun

JBU Summer 2011

This issue of Just Between Magazine highlights advice for Christian women on "Learning to Have Fun" in life. Other key article topics include: understanding why it's hard to be real, and Jesus is enough.  

Below is an excerpt from one of the featured articles "Just For The Fun of It!" by Sheri Woodruff:

Imagine my friend’s dilemma. Her boys were outside playing and her baby was sleeping. Shouldn’t she sit down and enjoy the quiet? Feeling drawn to play with the boys, she told herself it was wiser to read or get something done. I’m happy to report that she went outside and soon was on the ground in a huge tickle fight! Thinking back on that day, she told me that each of her boys later brought up their hysterical laughter and thanked her several times for playing with them. She was so glad they each had a precious memory of silliness.

If you’ve ever seen basset hound puppies playing, you know God has a sense of humor! He also created us with a sense of humor and a desire for lighthearted play. Sadly, we’ve all rushed around until we’re stretched too thin to play. I can hear you saying, “I feel guilty just thinking about having fun.” Adding more amusement and humor into our lives will bring freshness and energy to our days.

Most people I know are truly longing to have more fun, but planning for it has become just another thing on their to-do list. I have found that it is worth the effort. Whenever I have planned a ladies’ game night at my home or church, the women tell me that they are really looking forward to it with excitement. They come and play and laugh together and then thank me for weeks afterward for all of the laughter and enjoyment they had. Why then, I often ask myself, are these evenings not more common? Maybe we think it takes a lot more work than it actually does. Or perhaps insecurities cause us to fear the party will flop and not be any fun at all! While I certainly relate to those feelings, I am also convinced that the people around us need to lighten up and add some comic relief and variety to their lives. I keep working to plan fun into the lives of my family and friends.    

Here are a few ideas that have been successful for me.

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