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This issue of Just Between Magazine highlights advice for Christian women on Living the Uncluttered Life. Other key article topics include: breathing life into your quiet time, and learning to make room for strangers in your life.  

Below is an excerpt from one of the featured articles "Living An Uncluttered Life" by Christine Hoover:

In my kitchen, there is a small built-in desk. Everything that comes home in my kids’ backpacks—artwork, permission slips, library books, field trip announcements—goes on the desk. When my husband comes home at the end of the day, he throws his work-related papers on it. Most of the piles on the desktop, however, are mine—recipes torn from magazines, bills to pay, books I checked out from the library but haven’t read, and multiple to-do lists or reminders scribbled across scratch paper that have gotten lost under all the clutter. It seems like every aspect of my life passes through my desk and, although I’m generally organized, I struggle to keep my desk clean.

I’ve found that my desk is a microcosm of my life. Although I work to keep it clear, with the important papers and to-do lists on top, it’s rarely organized, with everything in its place. 

Cleaned Out Lives

As women in ministry, our schedules are full. The demands on our time are endless and the needs of people around us are continuous. It’s easy to take off running each day, meeting this need and that, forgetting where we were running to or why we were running in the first place. Our lives, like my desk, become cluttered and unmanageable, leading to burn-out or lifeless ministry. Our lives need to be consistently “cleaned out” if we’re going to know and maintain our God-given priorities. 

Lessons from Hoarders

Nothing makes me want to clean out every nook and cranny of my house more than an episode of Hoarders. As I watch families who have been weighed down with junk, both physical and emotional, I see people whose abilities to prioritize have been completely lost. They are unable to distinguish what’s important to them. So that we don’t become “ministry hoarders,” we can apply the same process hoarding experts use in helping people purge their homes. This process centers around three questions.

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