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JBU Summer Cover 2018

This issue of Just Between Magazine highlights advice for Christian women on understanding Our Spiritual Nervous System. Other key article topics include: capturing holy moments, embracing your calling, and healing from our dysfunctional past. 

Below is an excerpt from one of the featured articles "Our Spiritual Nervous System" by Adriana Hayes:

Our family has become a licensed foster family. Excitedly, this past September we received placement of a baby. My husband’s work travel increased that same month, refusing to slow its pace. This put extra physical strain on my body. (When God calls you to a kingdom task, oftentimes there are sacrifices. Thankfully, He’s more than enough to provide the strength you need to endure.) 

During one of Chris’s travel weeks, I began having new pain in my left foot. Because of my spine surgeries, I have significant nerve damage in my feet and legs, to the point where I do not have sensation in my feet...

I ended up wearing a walking boot for eight weeks and the fractures eventually healed, but I was left pondering the importance of our nervous system and the corresponding picture that it can have in our spiritual lives. 

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