Christian Women's Magazine - Spiritual Friendships

JBU Spring Cover 2018

This issue of Just Between Magazine highlights advice for Christian women on the importance of Spiritual Friendships. Other key article topics include: finding your place in God's story and the importance of a soul getaway.  

Below is an excerpt from one of the featured articles "Spiritual Friendships" by Seana Scott and Martha Ybarra:

Last summer I, (Seana) wanted to quit motherhood. My family had just moved to a new city, and I felt isolated, frayed, and stuck. In the midst of it all, I called my friend Martha and vented. She affirmed me through silence and sighs, and she reminded me about the last move and how all the details worked out. Then she prayed for me to find the right grocery store and help my boys adjust. I needed Martha. But she needs me, too. Many times, I also offer her the silence of listening or words of wisdom.

Women need each other—and not just for play-dates at the park or pasta recipes. We need spiritual friendships that will nourish our souls.

Martha and I want to share with you the joy of our spiritual friendship, including the ingredients of spiritual friendship and common mistakes to avoid. 


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Tough Times

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Relationship with God

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Inspirational Stories

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Inspirational Stories

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Parenting Advice

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Friendship Advice

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